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Black Sea Games® Ltd. is an independent game development company founded in 2016 by two of the original masterminds behind Knights of Honor, TZAR: The Burden of the Crown and WorldShift. Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, the studio is now working on its first project. Our constantly growing team has a really simple philosophy about game dev. One, that is inspired by our own gaming experience and love for games: if when you’re playing you feel like “Ah… just one more hour!”, then we did our job right.


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Call to Arms!

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We are constantly expanding our numbers! Our people are those who really know what they are going after, and who also have the skills and the passion needed to succeed.
We are currently looking for gameplay programmers and game testers. For more information about the positions click here.
Making great games is not just about having a job. It’s more about chasing your dreams and having the courage to keep going on, no matter what. Do you have that in you? Are you a true game dev inside-out? If so, send your resume and motivation letter/portfolio to